Heated Toilet Seat-Some Insighst

A toilet seat is the chair and lid of a toilet, although technology-driven toilet seats in Japan may include a number of built-in features including a bidet, a blow drier, and a heated seat. As you can see, the level of sophistication in a toilet seat ranges everywhere from simple and basic to practically futuristic. There are a great many to choose from in al categories and price ranges.

When shopping for toilet seats, make sure it matches the decor of the bathroom. Also make sure you decide whether to get a decorative toilet seat cover; some people like them, and some do not. See to it that the connections to the toilet bowl are sturdy and properly measured, as well as good-looking. Yes, even a toilet design can be good or bad, aesthetically. Finally, shop within your budget. A light plastic toilet seat with no cushion or reinforcement can be as cheap as a few dollars, while a classy bronze or wood one may cost dozens or even hundreds of dollars. read more reviews

Even the best toilet seat is bound to crack or get stained, and to require replacement. Replacing the seat professionally is costly and most homeowners attempt to replace it themselves. To determine the kind of toilet seat required to replace the old one, the seat has to be lifted and measured, from the front of the bowl to the center of the bolt holes. On toilets that require a round seat, the dimension will be approximately 16 ½-inches. If it measures over 20-inches, the toilet requires an elongated seat.